Thailand Nightlife

Thailand nightlife and Thai action in the night

is fun and probably the best on planet earth,on the other hand, this is probably one of the countries with most holidays, actually counting average there is at least one additional holiday per week.

Thailand is almost made for the people who really come to life when the sun disappeared, the light are switched on and fun times start its a night clubber’s dream. Nightlife in Thailand overwhelms you like a tsunami and off you go, you usually have a good time but sometimes it hurts, mostly the hangover the next day.

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

There are mainly three parameters which makes the nightlife real great, first is almost everything is real cheap, a small bottle of beer in any night bar Go-Gonightclubs, pub or whatever is almost never over $ 3,-, food is similar low priced. A excellent dinner goes for about $ 4,- naturally the price range can be extended upwards, but also downwards. Second, is the availability of almost everything you can think about on your Thailand night life trip and this usually until about midnight, or at the nightlife spots bars are open until about 2 am, this is flexible, convenient shops are open 24/7. The third great experience are the

Thailand Nightlife Patpong

Bangkok Patpong

Phuket nightlife

Phuket nightlife bar girls

Phuket nightlife

coyote dancing at Buddy cafe Phuket nightlife

Bangkok night clubs

Bangkok night clubs

-There are certain places where the main nightlife action is going on.

and Phuket City plus at some of the other beach areas such as Kata beach, Karon beach, Rawai, Surin beach and Kamala, there is almost nothing going on at night at Bangtao and Mai Khao beach.

Phuket nightlife

Phuket nightlife bar girls

Hua Hin nightlife

Bar girls at Hua Hin Nightlife, Thailand massage, go go. You can find very similar places also in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Pattaya or Phuket nightlife. Some stylish bars have been set up at Phuket and Bangkok in the last couple of month (2010) with nice light color compositions. .

There is Hua Hin nightlife with Thai girls on the  in every bigger town in Thailand. It wont matter if you are at Krabi, Trang or maybe Phitsanulok or Kanchanaburi there is always something going on to have fun. There are lady pick up places, special hotels for about $ 8,- for 3 hours where some hanky panky business is going on and the famous huge Thai massage parlors with dozens of girls waiting for you to doing  everything what you self. Where there are night markets there are Thai bars and where there are bars there are nightlife girls, its a fully functioning equation just as in mathematics.

Phuket girls

Phuket nightlife and bar girls at down town

Phuket nightlife

Phuket girls coyote dancing

Thailand Nightlife Phuket Bangla Road

Thai nightclubs at Phuket nightlife Bangla Road

Thailand nightlife Patpong

Bangkok nightlife Patpong


Ladyboys at Bangkok nightlife Patpong

Jungceylon at Patong beach

Jungceylon at Patong beach

Patpong Night Market

Bangkok nightlife Patpong Night Market

Bangla Road Phuket Nightlife

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

Bar Girls at Phuket Nightlife

Thai Nightlife is sensational, go club-hopping, bar-hopping, rock the dance floors and have fun with go-go girls at Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or at Sukhumvit and other places.

There are myriads of hotspots in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Krabi and so on. Thailand at night is always dual it means bars, nightclubs, discos and girls or shopping at night market.

At this bazaar you can shop for decorative and quite cheap jewelry, silverware, crafts and after have a exotic diner in a restaurant. But the night should always start and / or end with some pretty Thai bar girls who just try to give you a good time by any means. This are the secrets of the orients, you wouldn’t get this great time elsewhere.

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

Bar Girls at Phuket nightlife

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

Bar Girls at Phuket nightlife

Thai Girls at Thailand nightlife

Hot Thai Bar Girls Phuket

Phuket nightlife

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

Bar girls at Phuket nightlife

Go-Go Girls

Phuket nightlife at Bangla Road

Patong Phuket

Phuket Nightlife

Here is one of our nightlife videos at our youtube channel.

Phuket nightlife

is girls, bars, Patpong, Patong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Thaniya Plaza, parts along Sukhumvit road, Hat Yai, Sadao (at the Thai Malaysia border) and elsewhere. Nightclubs, dancing, sexy girls, go-go, disco and other entertainment, did I forget something? read more.

Beaches and nightclubs with beautiful sexy and exotic bar girls is what a lone traveler get in an exotic Asian country, actually within a short time a traveler wont be alone anymore, if he or she like. Here is party 24/7 at any vacation destination.

Exotic island wait to be explored where already hundreds of years ago Portuguese, English, Arab and Indian trader had a cultural and business center when traveling from their countries to the east, they did a lot for interracial understanding, the results today are myriads of beautiful ladies with different appearance.and other pleasure domes with life music and nightclub girls, Thai girls are waiting for the traveler or tourist to have a good time.

Nightlife in Thailand Phuket

Nightlife in Thailand Phuket

Nightlife in Thailand is vibrant you can virtually feel the erotic tension in countless places where sexy women are around, ready for your special adventure.

It is not possible to single out any best disco, nightclub, go-go bar, pole dancing venue, Patong ladyboys or another spot since there too many and they come and go every month.

If you want to have a great time just visit the usual hot spots such as Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and other places at Sukhumvit. At Phuket its Bangla road, Phuket townx bars and the nightlife areas at the Phuket beaches, at Pattaya its around “walking street” and elsewhere. But this is not all, every bigger Thai city has some sort of nightlife with music in karaoke bars and girls.

Thai Nightlife Girl

Bar Girls

Phuket nightlife go-go bar

go-go bar

A Thai Nightlife Girl is for sure sexy and one of the highlights in any visit to the country of smile. If you are tired go south and enjoy the beaches around Phuket, Krabi, Koh Chang, Ko Samui, Trang, Phi-Phi, Similans and Tarutao plus.

Have a massage, either whole body, soapy massage or an oil massage in one of the massage parlors, you just assign the girl you like to do the massage, got the message and she get you a happy ending.

In our website you will find stunning Thai nightlife pictures, videos and plenty of up to date information to make your Thailand vacation just the way you like it.

Maybe if you are bored take an airplane to Yangon, a quick visa is available at their Embassy in Bangkok and go on a discovery tour forMyanmar nightlife its great stuff with pretty  model girls.

Patong Ladyboys

Patong Ladyboys

 Bar Girls

Thai Girls at Patpong Bangkok nightlife

Nightclub in Phuket Thailand


Nightclub Girls

Thai Girls Patpong Bangkok

Great nightclub girls are waiting, the system with the girls in Myanmar is a little bit different as in Thailand but the final action is the same, could also be Cambodia. Keep one thing in mind don’t take a girlfriend with you, just try the local girls, they show you what’s going on and you will like it trust me!

Here you get what you can imagine even in your wildest dreams, this is true for both, male and female. No need to do dating on the internet, just go to a nightclub or bar and do dating on location in real time, you will have a 98% chance of success. If someone likes some action in the night and the nice girl that sweeten the life there is no way around this country, the land where the nightlife music is virtually playing. The magnificent combination of a tolerant attitude and understanding of the fun of it has made the former Siam the right symbiosis which cant be exceeded elsewhere.

Nightlife in ThailandBangla Road Phuket nightlife

Bangla Road Phuket nightlifeBangla Road Phuket nightlife

A vibrant destination and the fun fills the night when the bar girls come to life.

Thai bar girls

Dance Nightclub

Bangkok nightlife  at Patong with go-go dancer

Phuket nightlife Bangla Road

Phuket nightlife at Bangla Road Patong

The Thai nightlife pulse bangs up and down at plenty of different areas. All have the same background and no style its just beer, fun, dance, music, girls, go go, restaurants and some “sport bars”.

Clubs and bars come and go just like the monsoon, they are washed away. Thailand stands for real nightlife fun and is great and luckily there are no clothing regulations.

Hat Yai nightlife

is sizzling, the main tourists to enjoy a good time are from Malaysia and Singapore. Several nightclubs such as the Pink Lady Cafe Hat Yai have colorful cabaret shows, there are discos and hanky panky business, when a guy walk alone in the down town area, he will hear the girls telling what they could do for him.

Here are some Girls Pics from downtown. There is more vibrant stuff happen at Sadao right at the border, see also below.

Hat Yai Bar girls at Pink Lady

Pink Lady Hat Yai means dancing and karaoke.

Pink Lady Hat Yai nightlife

Pink Lady Hat Yai nightlife show singer and dancer


Sadao nightlife

Sadao nightlife

Sadao nightlife and karaoke bars and ladies

Sadao nightlife tuk tuk

Sadao nightlife tuk tuk transportation

Sadao nightlife go go bar

Go go bar in the center

Sadao, about 50km south of Hat Yai at the border stands for a great time, mainly for the guys from neighboring Malaysia who want to have fun  in Islam dominated Malaysia, behind the border its rather boring in the night.

The others are travelers who got stranded since the border is closed from 11pm to 5am.

Thai nightlife

The Thai nightlife is catalyzing a big club, party and music scene. Countless karaoke bars, go go bars, cabarets and crossover are in every major city. What all have in common are bar girls and a relative low prices, smoking ban has been declared long ago but no one is really interested in it.

The hip clubs where you can wear the latest outfits, sipping cocktails, brandy and beer are usually in the night life districts of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and some of the big hotels, less in other cities. Many parties simply go outdoors into the park or on the beach, famous are the notorious Full Moon Parties Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

The operations of a Thai or Phuket club, bar, restaurant, etc., is becoming more and more a financial risk since the rental rates are constantly increasing. They change hands permanently and significant happy hours is only where tourists and other foreigners spend the necessary money.

In the larger cities where the necessary critical mass of local people exists plenty of Thai people are active as customer not only as service.

One of the worst problems to the business was invented during the government of Thaksin, they imposed relative early losing times at 1 AM, not knowing that real action rather starts at that time, but what do politicians understand? aside of having deep pockets. In any case in what direction you twist it or turn it there is town or country on plant earth able to compete with bar girls nightlife.

Thai Nightlife at Patong Phuket Bangla road

Go Go Bars at Patong Bangla Road


Nightlife Photos Phuket

This is one of the most exotic countries on earth. Means sun, adventure travel, beaches during the day and great excitement at night, after sunset is really gets exciting, just right for great nightlife photos.

Just sit down at a bar and watch the girl or join in the fun and take one of the girls with you. If you don’t want close encounters just have some beers and soak in the ambiance. The party is on until about 3 am and interesting encounters are waiting after.

Every tourist area has a vast selection of restaurants, virtually at ever second corner to choose from. On your trip eat the local food only tell them “mai pet” which means not with chili, you cant eat this. Even if you are after sexy encounter it wont turn you on, the only what turns on is a sexy Thai nightlife girl.

Thai show girls do some singing at a costume show

Show Girls

Around almost every tourist spot food is available from almost every corner of the globe, Indian food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Korean food, French, German, Italian and even Mexican and Russian etc. is available and this are not so called up-market eatery with a unreasonable price tag.

Thailand clubbing, go-go and other Thai bar scene is amongst the bets globally and if you are out for the girls, nothing can match Thai nightlife.

Phuket Nightlife

Thailand Girls

Pretty Girls

Thailand Hot Girls

Phuket Nightlife Girls


Nightlife Patpong

Ladyboy Show at Patpong

Ladyboy Show at Patpong

Patpong Girls

Patpong Girls Bangkok

Patpong with bar girls in Bangkok

Patpong Ladyboy

Street Food at Patpong

Thai Go Go

Patpong Bar

Patpong Go-Go Girls

Most guys come to Patpong to have a look for the famous Patpong Girls, here is the right place to watch them and if you want to have some fun try them, they are very cooperative, that’s their job.

To make those encounters more easy there are plenty of cheap Patpong hotels and apartments around, guess for what.


Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

Nana Plaza Bar Girls

Nana Plaza Girls hunting for farang

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

Nana Bar

Nana Plaza Thailand

Nana Plaza Thai Girls Make Up Session

Nana Plaza Bars