Pretty Thailand girls

Pretty Thailand girls & sexy Thai bar Girls

Every evening Thailand girls & Thai bar Girls start moving and they show what they have. They are go-go dancer and other with sexy outfits and costumes moving their bodies to the latest hip-hop and rap sound banging out from the loudspeakers to get into the right mood.

I remember very well at the old Siam Intercontinental Hotel just beside of the Siam Center in Bangkok where they had a massagedepartment as every other luxury hotel in Thailand have (and not only luxury hotels) when the beautiful massage women came in, do a great massage and during the action all textile disappeared miraculous from her body and more started.

Trust me, its still on today in almost any hotel in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand.

A pretty one often come from northern Thailand; defined as “hill tribe areas” in the small mountains close to the border to Myanmar and Laos.

Thailand nightlife is almost a synonym for them, they keep it in motion sometimes 24 hours, as long as money flows and business is going on totally detached from any timeframe, there are also great nightclub shows.

Different ethnic groups such as Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malay,

Arab and so on are living here. The outcome are beautiful and

exotic women, the country was formerly known as Siam and there are plenty of historic texts about the beauty of this oriental women. Real Asian pretty in a very nice and positive thinking way. They are more softer than Chinese and somehow less intriguing than Indian. They work in the nightlife business, hospitality, at massage shops, as singer, dancer and all imaginable possibilities which brings some money, there are similarities with Myanmar girls.

To earn a reasonable money to cover a good living is very difficult since the competition is incredible and the education level is quite poor. Also politics is not very interested in educated people since they are afraid they wouldn’t be able able to use them anymore for their purposes.

Every year thousands of foreigners from Europe and other countries come to Siam in the search for nice ones of a quality they cant find in their own country anymore. The positive attitude of the women

Thai Girls

at Phuket Buddy Cafe

Thai Go-Go Girls

Thailand Go-Go


make most of them a perfect partner for guys from elsewhere who are fed up with the everyday quarreling with women  in their own country. Thai ladies are somehow uncomplicated and by no means as difficult to handle as their counterparts in  the so called “west”, but Thai ladies are always hungry, they eat almost all the time. They don’t have a lower level of emancipation, actually most of Thai ladies have a higher level of emancipation as their western counterparts but they are much more clever to handle conflict situations.

Thailand girl are hungry

Women are hungry

A somehow different version actually the complexion is a very big issue and not only in Thailand girl. There is a whole industry trying to make money with all kind of skin whitener.

they are Muslims, it is not very often that women in Thailand wear a burka, but they have it.

Since many in southern Thailand have their roots in  the former Malay, today Malaysia and Indonesia differences in Moving into southern Thailand they are slightly changing in their appearance and much more women wear a scarf since

Girl Thailand

Generation Thailand

Thai Girls Gambling

Gambling at Phuket

Thai Girls at Phuket

Thai Girls

Show at Chanthaburi

Thai Girls

Hot coyote dancing

Thai Girls

Show at Phuket Town

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza at Bangkok Sukhumvit

Lots of women are in the nightlife areas of the tourists centers such as Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza,Thaniya Plaza and other places in the capital, Patong Beachand Down Town on , Walking Street atPattaya and places inChiang Mai and most of the other big cities in Thailand.

ladyboys or gay girls who are very pretty and its sometimes difficult to figure out what is a ladyboy now and who’s the real lady.


You can also do some ladyboy dating

especially at Patpong and other places are plenty of bars for this purpose where about half of the people working there are of the hybrid type.

Thai Girls

Pretty Thai Girls

Pretty Thai Girls posing at christmas

A night out with some sexy Asian girls is excitement

Bangkok girls

Bangkok bar girls

Thailand Ladyboys

Ladyboys show

Thai Girls

Thai girls at Phuket

From Pink Lady 2002

and entertainment at its best. Enjoy the atmosphere in a nightclub to break from the boring routine and make it special.

Hang out for unique party and enjoy a great evening. This are naturally not the only places but probably the most vivid nightlife is here.

There is another big advantage to other places, its quite low priced, when compared to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and similar its really affordable in terms of prices, this covers every aspect.

If you like to go party with sexy women, this is the right place. They help you to let your creativity fly and say hello to unique sex games after.

They are usually positive when you distribute some money, they also have to live ! and this way it reaches the right people directly, not via donation to some charity organization who first feed themselves from the donations and pass the to the people in need. A nightclub is the right starting point to get things moving the party is started and the sexy ones flock in. Even if the tour ends up as just another booze cruise it is a better cruise with some sexy women anyway.

Here you can have a every day with sexy girls,

the catch is, no need to invest a lot of time or money, just go to a bar in any tourist area and let them do the job, they like it, you just give some money. Everyone enjoy themselves, take a deep breath, relax and let it happen.

They know that part of the business often just in lingerie. Just look at Playboy Bunny sex appeal which partly also comes form the right lingerie. This look very adorable in bed to turn on the fantasy of the guy as well as it feel comfortable. They prefer lingerie with floral and lacy details design.

Once they have the right kind of sexy lingerie a little striptease exercise wont hurt, just be creative and learn new skill they are very handy in the bedroom.

Thai girls

Thai bar girls

Thai Girl Santa Claus

Thai Girls

Asian girls

Thailand Nightlife Disaster

Nightlife Disaster at Monsoon

Thai girls

Pretty bar ladies at Phuket Town

Sexy Girls in Phuket Dancing

Sexy Girls in Phuket dancing

Sexy Girl

at down town

Asian girls show

Thai girls probably are the number one un Asia in terms of the creativity and nightlife, massage and almost everything which makes the guys happy.

Thai Girls and Ladyboys

Thai Bar Girls and Ladyboys negotiate some business with a guy

Thailand Nightlife Girls

Thailand Nightlife at Patong

Actually there is nothing better for a guy as when a cute Thai girl start to turn him on and don’t think this is something special that goes on in most Thailand nightclubs, bars, hotels, massage parlors and under the table in the bar in the hope nobody can see it, ok but everyone knows it and there is nothing to say against human nature it’s ok most of the times. Only ugly “western” women who never had a chance to attract a man because of their ugliness are against it. They found their ways into the UN, the Ngo’s etc. and now they want to to make others miserable because they are unsatisfied. No one in Thailand wants these self-gooders but actually Thais are too polite to tell them they should get lost

Most of them in the nightlife businessn serve a social purpose, since there is no “social swing” in Thailand someone in the family must bring in the money the family can depend on. To pay the hospital when the kids are sick, to buy a TV and video, a water heater, mobile phone, maybe a small motorbike, a ventilator or even a air condition. Western NGO and UN people don’t understand this since they get their money either from the European taxpayers or via donations and they never need to show any results of their performance, this is the ideal situation to let the legs hang down, do some esoteric bla bla and have a good life an the back of the poor Thais which they are supposed to help, but actually they only consume the budget allocated. The people in need will only ever see maybe some crusts. This kind of welfare business only serves some foreigners who take their cut first and the local get the leftovers. This is not only in Thailand, its the same in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia etc.

At Patong Bangla Road

At Patong Bangla Road

Girls in Thailand at Soi Eric Phuket

At Soi Eric Phuket

Thailand ladiesThailand ladiesThailand ladies

Thai Lady

Girl Action

Thailand nightlife and dance action