Koh Phangan

– Beautiful Koh Phangan

is the “little sister” of Ko Samui a few miles further out in the Gulf of Thailand. Ko Phangan is specially known for the famous beach parties starting somewhere in the late afternoon and more or less open ended.

According to what you might consume during the party you could forget everything, hot stuff producing a lot of fantastic imaginations and not so hot stuff makes many happy during the beach party in Ko Phangan and let you forget the problems.Beaches on Ko Phangan have breathtaking panoramas, fine sand and some granite boulder.

Myriads of Restaurants in Ko Phangan (some right on the beach) with the usual wide selection of Thai tasty seafood, curries, white meat and red meat (not so popular among Thais) give you any reason to be happy in Ko Phangan Thailand.

Beer fill up stations, some call them bars, are plenty and a might be companion is almost for sure waiting there.

Moving around the island is quite easy, rent a car or a “motocyc” to reach most of the scenic spots in Ko Phangan.

Ko Phangan Thailand has around 10.000 permanent residents and the local ones have their roots in the Malay Peninsula and in southern China. It is not known when the first came to the island,  Ko Phangan island Koh Phangan southern Thailand is definitely a place to visit.


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