Khao Lak

Khao Lak is Thailand Muslim county,

Khao Lak is a tragic place in southern Thailand, extremely hit by the tsunami, currently a ghost town – actually its not a real town but a stretch along the beach over a couple of kilometers. The skeletons of the badly hit hotels and other houses still stand between the road and the beach in Khao Lak, rubble is still spread around and only on one place in Khao Lak a sign of hope is visible, new house on stilts form a new village for the fishing community of Khao Lak, in front of the houses the new boats are parked.

The problem for the native people in Khao Lak is, even if the fishermen have a catch, there is no one who buys since the main customers, tourists, are all gone. It somehow looks like the idling around the area is because there are lots of land disputes after the Khao Lak tsunami hit. Many local people who lived there for years or even for decades are gone for ever. Many others luckily not, but due to the situation with landownership this people who want to redo their environment have no paper showing they owned this land. It is common practice here that when one stay on a piece of land for a long time it become virtually his but not on paper. Now a lot of people – in Thailand they call them, influential figures – are trying to exploit this.


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