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Thailand Phuket to Hat Yai Nightlife Hotel

Hat Yai Thailand is the third largest city in the country just behind Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Hotels are at almost every corner in the down town area. People are coming in via a flights, notable Singapore and KL, alternative would be a bus tour. Phuket to Hat Yai is a popular trip, there are several big and small buses every day on this route. It is difficult to find anything written about the city, probably the best definition is a business hub for southern Thailand where people rush through down to Sadao and to Malaysia and in terms of tourism it has always something to do with nightlife and  shopping, some good hotel to stay and maybe a daytrip to Songkhla Town which actually is the capital of this Thai province, this city has quite some historic record is a very old city plenty of remains such as the old city wall and very old artifacts give evidence.

This is a couple of kilometers west of Songkhla and the biggest mosque in southern Thailand is just beside the motorway linking the 2 cities. Very interesting to have a look for is Songkhla harbor, primarily used by a fishing vessel fleet.

The town is the major commercial city in the south Thailand region, actually it’s somehow a small edition of Bangkok, and the Chinese influence is visible everywhere.

Hat Yai Mosque with Songkhla in the back

Hat Yai Mosque with Songkhla in the back from Phuket to Hat Yai.

Main business is rubber planting and latex production plus tourism.

A huge mosque built over a few years since 2xxx is a very impressive building and somehow a visual statement. From time to time (rather seldom) a bomb is blown up usually from Islam insurgents who normally operate further south east, but in general the place is very safe. This border region is a hot spot of a continuous clash of two different philosophies, Islam and Buddhist.

The majority in the border region are Muslims, but the majority in Thailand are Buddhist, there are some Muslim separatist groups who want their own state but Bangkok will never allow that, its just like that, some autonomy is the answer. In general south Thailand is very peaceful, the real fighting is going on at the roads where everyone fight against each other in a totally careless manner and without even most basic knowledge of traffic rules, most people never had any education how to drive. The result is, Thailand has one of the highest road accident rate on planet earth with a high rate of fatalities, means be careful when driving Phuket to Hat Yai.


hotel Hat Yai

A hotel in Hat Yai is easy to be found, there are plenty hotels and other accommodations right at the city center. Hat Yai weather follows the same pattern as in Thailand general, monsoon from about June to October, after its rather dry and sunny with some showers in between. Hat Yai is really pleasant, its always warm and this gives a excellent ambiance. Since hotels in Hat Yai Thailand are plenty its difficult to define a particular one.

Phuket to hotel Hat Yai

Hotel in Hat Yay – Lee Garden Hotel in the center,  Hat Yai, hotel Hat Yai, Hat Yai resort,more at e-book and Hat Yai pictures.

Probably the best hotel Hat Yai

is the Lee Garden Hotel in the center, a huge hotel above ashopping center; it’s the tallest building in town. The best feature of this hotel is the panorama  restaurant on top, the view over the plain all the way to Songkhla over a wide radius and is real great. In the evening dozens of hawker offer street food at the area around the hotel, there are also plenty of other restaurants, naughty girls are approaching the guys and whisper what nice things they could do to them, plenty of Hat Yai bars and Hat Yai nightclubs are around.Hat Yai has no real past to look into, there is not real information available anywhere, the only what the have are some leaflets from tour operators offering more or less always the same means the travel through from north to south to the border and Malaysia. From Bangkok’s southern bus terminal is also a bus connection to Padang Besar, this border city a bit to the east is also the railway crossing into Malaysia.

Hat Yai Nightlife

Hat Yai Nightlife

Hat Yai Nightlife and tourism

plus shopping that’s what’s all about from a tourist point of view. People come from Malaysia, Singapore, some Japanese, Koreans and Chinese from the region to enjoy a real pleasant nightlife with nightclubs, bars, lounges, cafe and a plenty of exotic restaurants, the most interesting are Chinese restaurants, its amazing what kind of dishes they are cooking. Walking in downtown’s center between the high-rise hotel buildings passing hawker with Chinese style food and if you are a guy there are continuously ladies of the night approaching promising massage and other stuff, but just to mention it never use this street freelancer for a good time, they are too often crooks and sick, no use to get mugged and more. There are enough nightclubs, bars and lounges around with dozens of girls people usually don’t having problem with. A good start could be, check the Pink Lady Cafe, there is another Pink Lady Cafe at Phuket from the same company, they are located just beside the Lee Garden Hotel, also offering the usual massage etc. they are reliable and trustworthy, the pics above is from there.

This is typical Thai style nightlife,

not so loud, a pleasant and comfortable environ and girls for entertainment and that’s why mainly male tourists come to enjoy it, its the style and the girls and they are easily available especially Hat Yai naughty girls. In terms of nightlife the city got tough competition from the border town of Sadao, about 50km to the south right at the border. Since most of the guys coming in for a fun night are Malaysian its more convenient just to do the entertainment at the border, no need to drive another another 50km up. Basically its all the same and they have discos, bars, karaoke, lounges and myriads of positive thinking ladies for some physical speed dating.

Songkhla, a couple of km to the east

is somehow different, they even have a museum and some old buildings showing the past. Buses are coming in every day from all directions of the southern Thailand, there is Phuket to Hat Yai, Satun, Trang, Krabi, Bangkok and other

At Hat Yai the whole is directed to tourism and nightlife. The city also has a big railway station but the rail border crossing into Malaysia is further west at Padang Besar.