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Phuket Nightlife

Phuket nightlife, Patong Phuket, Phuket girls, Phuket City, go go bars, coyote bars,
karaoke, Phuket pictures

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-  Phuket nightlife happen mainly at Patong, Phuket Town, Karon / Kata and at a lower scale also at other beaches on the island.

Phuket nightlife is almost always related to bar girls, beer bars, moderate entertainment, nightclubs with myriads of sexy Phuket girls for a great party, just look at is as a never ending stag and hen party plus excellent restaurants and shopping. Itís just the right blend for splendid vacations on a tropical island in the Andaman Sea a part of the Indian Ocean.

Foreigners come to the island since hundreds of years, Portuguese, English, Arab and Indian trader had a cultural and business center when traveling from their countries to the east, today into Thailand tourism after the tin mines in the center of the island where exhausted. They filled the open pit mines with water and now its called Phuket Laguna.

A Phuket night encourages positive vibrations and Phuket girls help the guys to channel these vibrations. Phuket bar girls know perfect for a foreign guy wants and needs who is at a trip to this southern Thailand island.

Nightlife is really sizzling see the Phuket pictures they tell more. But there is not only nightlife with girls and guys, also gay and lesbian riding high to get things done whey missed during the rest of the year, itís a new age version of Sodom and Gomorrah but a positive version.

In general Patong nightlife is loud and screaming, Phuket City nightlife is rather quiet with several go go bars in Thailand called Coyote Bars, karaoke and Thai style "cafe's" plus some lounges with girls.

Patong Beach Bar
Phuket Patong Beach Bar
Patong Beach Go-Go
Patong Beach Go-Go
Patong Beach Tattoo Parlor
Patong Beach Tattoo Parlor

- Phuket nightlife is on every day after around 9pm,

the main 3 places where you can experience this to full extend are Patong and Karon beach plus Phuket City. See the photos from Patong Beach, Karon Beach and  pictures from all other beaches below and via the links below. Aside of the great photo and picture you will find several interesting Phuket videos in the video section via the link at the menu.

- Another great Beach Phuket

is Kamala Beach plus Kata Beach, Surin Beach, Bangtao Beach and many more. All Phuket Beaches have fine sand and sometimes granite boulders at both ends, as you can see in the Phuket pictures below. Staying on the island can be cheap or expensive, secluded or crowded, loud, vibrant or vulgar it offers something for everyone.

- The Island has a pleasant easy going atmosphere, there is Phuket Town

with still a little bit of a colonial flair, there are some small ports or rather marinas and there is the Andaman Sea, a emerald ocean with archipelagos, coral banks and a abundant underwater life with very big whale sharks and very small creatures. But by far the most dangerous are the Tuk-Tuk mafia and Minibus drivers. The first are cheating passengers real bad and get physical when a foreigner park the car in their "territory", cutting tires and attack foreigners, the second are known for awful reckless driving because both are protected by influential figures. This influential figures successfully block any attempts for about 20 years now to implement any efficient public transport on the island.

Patong Bangla Road
Patong Bangla Road
Patong Phuket Bangla Road
Patong Phuket Bangla Road
Patong Beach
Phuket Patong Beach

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Phuket nightlife, Patong Phuket, Phuket girls, Phuket City, go go bars, coyote bars,
Phuket pictures

Phuket Nightlife Thailand
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