The South of Thailand

Southern Thailand South Thailand
Phuket Krabi Trang Hat Yai

Southern Thailand is Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Samui, Hat Yai

and other towns and areas for vacation, beach, adventure, nightlife and just relax, having a good time. South Thailand is a scenic getaway with great beaches, lush tropical jungle inviting a Thailand tours you can book through any travel agent in the particular area such as KrabiKoh SamuiPhuketPhang NgaTrang Thailand, Hat Yai and dozens of other places in the southern Thailand region. Since there are very diverse possibility for cheap holidays to Thailand, luxury holidays in Thailand or somewhere in between you will find for sure a Thailand sightseeing tailored to your taste and possibility. One of the many advantages Thailand has is there are plenty of Thailand hotels everywhere, some are cheap hotels some not but they are usually very reasonable priced even at beach sites such as Phuket, Krabi and Samui relatively cheap hotels and resorts are available.

Also the infrastructure in and around the hotels, beach resorts, beach cottages, bungalows means water, electricity, junk collection, room service etc. works quite ok. So what holds you back to book a flight to Phuket, Krabi or Hat Yai ? Those 3 mentioned Thailand holiday destinations have a international airport, international flights to Hat Yai are presently only by Tiger Airways out of Changi AirportSingapore.

Krabi, Trang and Phang Nga

are perfect for secluded holiday far away from anywhere but with the all the add of of a modern life if required. Ranong is the least populated province in Thailand offering beaches, islands and plenty of green. Phuket is probably the first stop via Phuket flights from Bangkok AirportSingapore Changi Airport and abroad, every day now (2011) two or three jumbos from Russia dock at Phuket Airport, Krabi flights are less, Hat Yai flights come in from Singapore Changi by Tiger Airways and Trang Thailand is reachable from anywhere in Thailand and via international flight through Krabi Airport.

Everywhere are excellent beach resorts and hotels in every price category. South Thailand holidays can be done in cheap hotels or expensive hotels, in beach bungalows, beach cottages or on a secluded island maybe somewhere in the Trang archipelago or among others in the Ko Tarutao archipelago. If you are a individual traveler you can book Thailand hotels online in advance or at location for cheaper rates. Almost every bigger south Thailand hotels or resort has internet service all Thailand hotels are at your fingertip, never book at Thailand accommodation at the Bangkok airport or Phuket airport hotel counter this will cost you normally around 50% more than regular.As you can see at the south Thailand map (right picture) the south of Thailand stretches over a long distance, e.g. the Bangkok to Phuket bus takes 12 hours over about 900 km and from Phuket to the Thailand Malaysian border further south its another 600km via Krabi, Trang and Hat Yai. In south Thailand is also the third biggest nightlife center, itsPhuket nightlife. From anywhere in the country its easy to

hop on a bus e.g. from Bangkok to Phuket

or Bangkok to Krabi alternative use the aircraft, most of other destinations are easely reachable. A bus Bangkok to Phuket leave every hour from the southern bus terminal in Bangkok, prices are between Baht 640,- (32 seated) and 960,-  (24 seated). From Bangkok airport flights to Phuket, flights to Krabi, Trang, Hat Yai, Koh Samui and Ranong are several every day. If you are on your first holidays to Phuket Thailand it might be useful to explore Thailand holiday packages. Keep in mind that all transportation to south Thailand from elsewhere in Thailand north of Bangkok or Pattaya, Koh Chang etc. goes through Bangkok.

Off the southern Thailand west coast close to the border with Malaysia is the Tarutao  archipelago with Ko Tarutao, Ko Lipe and other exotic islands. Malaysia’s Langkawi island is not far to the south and Penang is reachable by a motorway from the Thailand Malaysian border or a ferry from Langkawi.

Map of southern Thailand

Map Thailand


A trip to bizarre limestone islands in the Phang Nga Bay,the islands and beaches in Krabi province, the Trang archipelago with dozens of great tropical islands, fine sandy beaches, lush tropical jungle and incredible caves above and under the water surface. The Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Trang sea area remember somehow to Halong Bay in Vietnam. The bizarre limestone formations are very similar.This great tropical coastal and island of southern Thailand offers cheap holidays to Thailand and luxury holiday Thailand, it purely depends what you want and what you ca afford, everything is possible. South Thailand is a real vacation and holiday attraction for hundred of thousand tourists who search for fun, excitement, beaches, water sports, caving, cliff climbing, scuba diving, hiking in the tropical jungle and more. The Trang archipelago has not only one great Trang beach.

Phang Nga Bay South Thailand
Phang Nga Bay

Trang Morakot Cave
Trang Morakot Cave

Trang Beach
Trang Beach


No wonder why production teams from Hollywood

and other movie producer are regular guest at Phuket, on a Krabi island such as Ko Phi Phi, Phang Nga and elsewhere in southern Thailand. A James Bond movie were made here, other adventure movies and also “The Beach” with Leonardo di Capri on Phi Phi Islands, Phuket and Krabi province, at the horizon is one Krabi island after another.

Nightlife in southern Thailand is top notch, actually you will find hardly any other place on the planet with such a great and diverse nightlife, such as Bangla Road at Patong Beach and other places on Phuket Island. Other destinations such as Khao Lak, Krabi, Trang, Ranong are rather quiet. But there are several other attractive islands off the east coast of southern Thailand, this are Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao and the Ang Thong Archipelago.

You also could feel like Hannibal or the Maharaja of wherever on the back of the elephant on the jungle tour or make a liveaboard diving trip into the Similan islands archipelago off Khao Lak or into south Myanmar, explore our site everything to make you happy is there.

Phuket Westcoast
Phuket West coast

Krabi Island Ko Phi Phi
Krabi Island Ko Phi Phi
Krabi Island Ko Gai means chicken island
Krabi Province off  Fossil Shell beach, Ko Gai means chicken island


Maybe you try to find your new Phuket luxury villa

in the hills overlooking the southern Thailand Andaman Sea, no cash for that ? Ok what about about a beach bungalow or beach hut on Phuket’s north west coast ? or a cozy place with living room, sleeping room, kitchen and bath room, the large pool behind the bungalow and the beach about 30m from the house at Chalong Bay on Phuket’s east coast ?

Beach accommodations on one of the islands in the Phang Nga Bay, Krabi islands, Trang archipelago, Ko Tarutao, Similan archipelago or Surin islands ?

Similan islands southern Thailand
Similan islands

Khao Lak
Khao Lak


Some scuba diving adventures

in Thailand’s Andaman Sea via a scuba day trip from Phuket or liveaboard on a yacht, jump into the emerald waters and have a look for the sting ray or whale shark either on the Andaman Sea Thai side or Myanmar Andaman Sea a little bit further north with some nostalgic dreams about British colonial times at Kawthaung, the former Victoria Point or Myeik the former Mergui with a incredible imperial British, Portuguese and Chinese  legacy since about the 16. Century, its all there and not much has changed. On the Thai side of the Myanmar Thailand sea border is Ranong the biggest harbor on Thailand’s west coast used mainly for fish trawler.

What about some new jewelry ?
In Phuket are a few jewelry manufacturer who do quite a good manufacturing job on jewelry.

Andaman Sea
Andaman Sea south Thailand

Beach Accommodation south Thailand, beach bungalows at Ko Tarutao
Beach Accommodation south Thailand, beach bungalows at Ko Tarutao

Beach Accommodations southern Thailand at Meridien Hotel and Resort Khao Lak
Beach Accommodations southern Thailand at Meridien Hotel and Resort Khao Lak

Kawthaung Myanmar
Kawthaung Myanmar

Ranong south Thailand
Ranong south Thailand


Southern Thailand is a great destination by any means,

either beaches, tropical jungle, caving, sailing, ocean fishing, trekking and exploring Thailand National Parks plus a rich culture of past and present the islands and pristine waters of the Andaman Sea plus luxury hotels and resorts, but also cheap accommodations if required. Southern Thailand could be a once in a lifetime trip and not only for honeymoon vacations. deserves to be special in every way so that it remains unforgettable and cherish-able for a lifetime. Southern Thailand is a great destination for people looking for a special and unique experience without the risk of having problems from all kind of lunatics who make trouble and tell this is gods will. There are luxurious destinations on Phuket Island and other islands at Phang Nga Bay and Krabi , breathtaking scenic beauty, idyllic hideouts on the islands and the coast with solitude. No wonder travelers and vacationers from all around the world flock to Thailand to have a good time at the beaches, by trekking, hiking, sailing and a great nightlife plus a good Thai massage and excellent Thai food.

Light yellow sandy beaches

and jungle, night markets and shopping malls, luxury hotels at Laguna Phuket and Mai Khao Beach at the north west of the island also offering cottages and beach villas with private pools close to the Phuket Sea. Most of Phuket beaches are not palm-fringed but with plenty and old casuarinas lining the beach, the palms are there but in the second row that’s because of the coconut farming of the past. White sandy beaches, cave beaches, secluded coves and long sweeping bays are easily accessible with various boats such as longtail boats, sailing boats, speed boats and others.

Phuket and the islands

around reflect the perfect romantic hideaway but to be honest this is rather at the islands around Phuket and in Phang Nga Province which borders Phuket province. Luxury hotels offer great accommodations at Phuket Laguna, Maikhao Beach and other locations on the islands. Well known vacation destinations such as Khao Lak, Phi Phi Islands, Similan archipelago and Surin Islands are within a two hour travel radius, either road travel or ferry. Water sports offered are scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, other activities are golf, spa, quad trek, dirt bike trails, elephant trekking and more.


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